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Private Label Products:
A private label product is manufactured by Bundys Health (sometimes called a contract or third-party manufacturer) and sold under your own Brand name. As the buyer, you specify everything about the product – what ingredients goes into it, how it’s packaged, what the label looks like, if it requires a CDU (counter display unit) and perhaps even the shipping carton type. Typically you pay to have it produced and pay delivery to your warehouse, store or a 3rd party fulfillment service. You then sell the product to other wholesalers/distributors or directly to own consumers. Sometimes you can contract your products to a fulfillment service (like ) and have them shipped to your customers. Bundys can do this for you too. Please follow this page link- BUNDYS FULFILLMENT

Some things to bear in mind when pursuing Private Label Contract Manufacturing . Supply as much information about your proposed  products to us. By that we mean – Flavours, ingredients, shape, weight, raw or baked, enrobed or not enrobed, nutritional content, shelf life, packaging of the product, CDU’s (counter display unit), shipping carton type, any pictures you have of your product or a competitors, quantity of each flavour you require and anything else you require. This information really helps initially to speed up the process.

Bundys Health receives a very large amount of enquiries weekly with regards to Private Label for Protein Bars, Protein Bites/Balls, Protein Powders & other food products. We will refer you to other manufacturers if we can not help you this time. This page is more geared towards designed Private label Protein Bars but our RTG White Label Products page has many options if you are pressed for time and want to launch a product faster.

Bundys is a snack/health food manufacturer located in the outer suburbs of Melbourne. Our products are lovingly hand-crafted using the highest quality ingredients.

Our team is passionate about the creation of premium-quality, healthy snack foods & other food products.  We are adaptable to our customers’ needs and pride ourselves in producing outstanding products.  Our contract manufacturing services include, but are not limited to white label, private label & Research and development. Our core business is Protein bars, Protein Bites & Protein Balls but we can do a variety of products for you. Please send us your requests so we can consider your proposal or ask us what we can do for you.

We have a few options below to create your vision.


Before you launch your own brand Protein Bar or Food Product with Bundys Health, it is important to ensure that the recipes for your product meet your taste and texture preferences.

As a contract-manufacturing partner, you have TWO options below for recipe testing/recipe formulation that we offer. You can provide your own recipe/formula or take up our offer to develop a product for you. Option 1 being the cost effective option but we are more than happy to work with you on option 2.

Private Label Great Tasting Hemp Protein Bars, Protein Bars, Protein Bites

The first option is to bring us your production ready formula. In a production ready formula, all ingredients need to be measured by weight – there can be no volumetric measurements like cups, teaspoons (or pinches!). You can develop the recipe in your kitchen, or work with a chef or food scientist. The advantages of this option are that you own the formula and it may be a lower start cost. If you choose this option, Bundys can complete a 12 bar, 24 Bite or 24 ball hand-made bench test for $330 incl GST plus ingredients costs to ensure that the ingredients are compatible and meet your taste preferences. The bench test is not always indicative of the final texture of your bar when we move on to large-scale production. Hand making products then producing them on machinery may require some changes to the recipe formulation. We can then provide you a quote to trial your bar or food product through our machinery plus further bulk pricing. Generally we would run 500 or so protein bars, bites or balls through our machinery to get an idea of large scale manufacture of your supplied recipe. 

To order the 12 Bar, 24 Bite or 24 Ball Hand Made Bench Test goto this link – 12 Bar, 24 Bite, 24 Ball Hand-Made Bench Test

Once you have ordered and paid for the bench test just pop us an email to and detail what product you want tested.

The Australian Institute of Food Science & Technology has a good list of product formulators available at

The second option is to pursue a consulting agreement with Bundys Health. The consulting agreement engages us in a one-month recipe development process where we work to create the best custom formulation for your Protein Bar, Protein Bites, Protein Balls or other food product. Bundys will make sure that your recipe is formulated correctly during this process. You own the formula, but there is an up-front cost of $5500 incl GST for the one-month engagement. We will work with you to develop one product and produce 3 flavors, while we provide you with advice to create an optimal product. We will also cover the sourcing of ingredients for your bar and provide advice on packaging options.

Private Label Great Tasting Hemp Protein Bars, Protein Bars, Protein Bites

Our customers choose either option to allow them to own the formula for their bar or food product they require. Once the recipe development process has been completed and you are ready for production, Bundys Health can produce your Private Label bars, bites, balls or food products. Our Minimum Private Label production runs are 5,000 bars, Protein Bites at around 4000 bags and Protein Balls at 2500 balls.

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