12 Bar Hand-Made Bench Test

SRRP $330.00 inc.GST


The first option is to bring us your production ready formula. In a production ready formula, all ingredients need to be measured by weight – there can be no volumetric measurements like cups, teaspoons (or pinches!). You can develop the recipe in your kitchen, or work with a chef or food scientist. The advantages of this option are that you own the formula and it may be lower cost. If you choose this option, we can complete a 12 bar hand-made bench test for $330 incl GST to ensure that the ingredients are compatible and meet your taste preferences. The 12-bar test is not always indicative of the final texture of your bar when we move on to large-scale production. Hand making products then producing them on machinery may require some changes to the recipe formulation. We can then provide you a quote to trial your bar or food product through our machinery plus further bulk pricing.

This 12 Bar Hand-Made Bench Test will enable you to sample the products as specified by you or utilizing one of our standard product recipes. Please email us what flavour product combination you want tested if chosing one of our own Bundys recipe formula. email to – consumer@bundys.com.au

We will ship 12 bars at 60g per bar to you in Generic packaging once we have completed the Bench Test.


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