Drew Harrisberg is one inspiring and talented human! Along with having a successful career in the health industry, Drew is also a type 1 diabetes educator and shares some amazing content at @drews.daily.dose, empowering people to take control of their own health! After being diagnosed at the age of 23, Drew has come out the other end stronger than ever. We had the pleasure of delving into all things food, gut health and happiness with Drew.


Tell us a little bit about yourself?

I’m an exercise physiologist, diabetes educator, sport scientist and most importantly – I’m a happy and healthy guy thriving with type 1 diabetes.

I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes when I was 23 years old. Sure, my world shifted when I was first diagnosed, but after making positive changes to the way I live, eat, move and approach life, I can honestly say I am happier and healthier today than I was before my diagnosis. So in a way you could say that diabetes gave me the gift of health.

My background as a health professional and my own personal triumph with managing diabetes has ignited a passion to share everything I know. Drew’s Daily Dose is my way of empowering people to take control of their health, so that like me, they can live a fuller, happier and healthier life than every before.

How do you manage to maintain exercise and eating healthy when your schedule gets hectic?

Eating Healthy food, exercising everyday, and spending time outdoors with my dog are 3 non – negotiables in life. No matter how busy I get I will always make time for those 3 things. If that means rearranging my schedule, so be it. They are at the top of my value hierarchy which is why I never miss my daily dose.

Are there foods you consciously eat to improve your gut health?

I eat an enormous and diverse variety of fibre-rich foods such as vegetables, grains, legumes, and fruit. I also eat a lot of fermented food like sauerkraut and kim chi. I try to incorporate resistance starches like green bananas into my smoothies from time to time. I consume drinks like Kombucha and apple cider vinegar.

Do you notice any foods or habits that negatively affect your gut? What are the symptoms you get?

Interestingly the only time I feel gut discomfort is when I eat raw onion or garlic. I guess I’ve got a FODMAP intolerance going on which according to some experts isn’t actually a bad thing. Despite causing uncomfortable symptoms such as bloating, the actual fermentation of sugars in the gut might even have benefits. Other than that, my gut health has been great.

What’s a typical day of food look like for you?

My daily meals vary depending on the season. In the cooler months, breakfast is usually a big bowl of sautéed veggies (kale, asparagus, mushrooms, pumpkin, cabbage, tomato, broccoli) with avocado on a couple of pieces of sprouted bread, and a side of tempeh or tofu. The bread I like contains seeds, legumes, grains and pulses which are soaked, sprouted and fermented with probiotics over 3 days to remove enzyme inhibitors such as phytic acid. It is then baked on a long, slow, low temperature to preserve the nutrient value of the ingredients.

Sometimes I’ll eat a bowl of gluten-free oat porridge with fresh fruit such as berries and banana and a sprinkle of nuts and seeds (hemp, chia, flax, walnut)

In the summer I’ll make a smoothie bowl made from frozen fruit and veggies such as banana, blueberries, dark leafy greens, cucumber, celery, ginger, lime, hemp, chia, flax, and walnuts.

Post workout I love a big smoothie bowl with plant-based protein powder. Chocolate and peanut butter is a winner.

For snacks a eat dark chocolate, nut butters, fruit, nuts and seeds.

Lunch and dinner are mostly buddha bowls consisting of grains, legumes, starchy veggies, greens and a homemade sauce. The more colours, flavours and textures, the better!

In winter I love making a homemade curry from scratch.

We’re all about eating and doing things that are good for the soul! What do you do outside of work that’s good for your soul?

I’m a self-taught singer songwriter. I love playing guitar and piano, as well as writing and recording music. I have a song on Spotify and music video on youtube. For me, music is medicine for the soul.

I’m also completely obsessed with my dog, Dennis. Just being around him warms my soul.



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