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Steph Rice is not only an Olympian Swimmer, but has gone on to create a career in a range of entrepreneurial business projects! We got to chat with Steph at the right time, being in the middle of an incredibly inspiring project in India as she discusses in detail. It’s fair to say Steph is one incredible human and we were very lucky to delve into all things business, gut Health and nutrition!


Tell us a little bit about yourself?

Hi, my names Stephanie Rice. Most of you may know my from my swimming success, winning 3 Gold Medals at the Beijing Olympics, however now that I am in the next phase of life, I choose to focus my energy of my entrepreneurial business projects. I currently am working a lot in the healthy and fitness space and am fortunate to be the ambassador for 2 huge brands, Vegie Delights and Unichi and I am doing a lot of work in India, which is where my passion lies. I am in the process of setting up a “Stephanie Rice Swimming Academy” with the goal of having an Indian swimmer on the Olympic podium in 8-12 year’s time, as well as doing a lot of work on TV there.

How do you manage to maintain eating healthy and exercise when your schedule gets hectic?

You always make time for things you value, so for me, prioritising exercising and healthy eating is natural because it has such a huge impact on the way I feel and think. I try not to be to strict on myself in maintaining a particular workout routine or program, because I’m working or travel it can be very hard to keep it up. So I just do the best I can in those situations and modify accordingly, for example it might only be a 20min workout, or something in my hotel room, or I will bring my supplements with me etc.

Are there foods you consciously eat to improve your gut health?

I’m 98% vegan and I rarely will eat small amount of seafood (hence why I say 98%) so I know that has a huge impact on my gut health and overall digestion and wellbeing. I also like to add in things like kombucha or sauerkraut for extra probiotics

Do you notice any foods or habits that negatively affect your gut? What are the symptoms you get?

Food combining for me is really important. For example, only eat melons first thing in the morning before any other foods. Plus I notice I don’t digest Cruciferous Vegetables well, so I try to avoid those.

Let’s talk fibre for a second – fibre is a gift for your gut.   What food sources do you get your fibre from?

Being vegan I eat A LOT of fruits and vegetables I have no issues with fibre. I think the issue is most people eat processed foods, foods in boxes and packets where there is barely any fibre … so the most natural you can eat (as close to the original form) the better in my opinion.

What’s a typical day of food look like for you?

I usually start the day with my supplements, which are Unichi’s Saffronia (amazinggg for emotional support and helps reduce anxiety) as well as 2 Moringa Tabs. I have that with a huge glass of water with 1 whole lime squeezed. Then I have a coffee, black with a dashof almond milk and workout. After my workout I have a protein smoothie with 1 frozen banana, 2 tbs protein powder, almond milk, ice and almond butter. Then I have blueberries with coconut yogurt as morning tea, then lunch in a huge salad with tempeh and rice, then I have pretty much the same mean again around 4pm and then I have a lighter dinner or salad/veggies, sweet potato and usually a few Vegie Delights sausages or chili lime cakes.

We’re all about eating and doing things that are good for the soul! What do you outside of work that’s good for your soul?

I meditate pretty much everyday for about 10mins, I also love listening to podcasts – huge fan of Jim Kwick, I also love listening to YouTubes from Abraham Hicks and reading/listening to anything to do with personal development and spirituality.


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